Class or Ass?

Interesting topic rite here I know rite? Well it’s a question that all of us contemplate at time’s. Which do we prefer? Or is it possible to have both in one human being? Sounds like the perfect person to me. But is there such a thing as a “perfect person”? And what does he/she look like? So many question’s and so little answer’s. I know one thing tho, original and honest is key to both trait’s regardless of the choice’s. Without being authentic or real and true, “ass or class” can have several seat’s until they both catch up to what really matter’s underneath the surface. Think about it again. The choice is yours. ✌


How Bout That

How bout dat!?

I’m baaaaack!!… Yea so I know I’m acting like 2016 ain’t started already 5 month’s ago but hey their is a such thing as a “Chinese New Year”, which by the way, does not begin Jan. 1st. So this month is a new year for this page ya digg. Now that it’s clear, let’s begin. The choice’s people make are simply just that. “Their choice”. So keep your 2 cent out of their selection if it doesn’t add to their perfection. This has been said time and time again but it’s always ok to restate a fact if it has been misunderstood or down right ignored. Begin this month and the rest of the year practicing this simple rule and I gurantee you’ll find much more peace & happiness. If the opposite is chosen, you may find out that the issue’s you spoke about, just may be your own. “How Bout That”!…. Peace All✌

“Ailing Females”

Now I love being a woman & the thought of a woman but when a female is ailed or is broken she can either be a thorn in yo backside or a help mate to your existence. And sumtimez they become both. That which ailes them will normally go into non existence if they are willing to let go of it. If not then it will backfire and become abusive to your relationship with them. The only suggestion for an “Ailing Female” without licensed therapy is love, patience & understanding. You can never go wrong with this remedy. Try it and tell me how it goes.

“What chu know uh bout dat”?

Ok so let’s just say this was inspired by the King himself Tip aka T.I. Listening to his song same as the title, I began to ask the same question I have been asking since ATL has gotten to be the Mecca aka Black Hollywood of the South. See being that I’m an “OG” an Original Born and Raised Atlien I ask this question to those who migrate to our city often. Now don’t get it twisted, just because Atlanta has become saturated with all walks of lyfe does not mean that the OG’z don’t still live home and hold it down for those who were actually born and raised in Da “A” ya Digg!. Just because you moved to Atlanta when you were 3 or 4 months or years old does not make you an OG of the city. You get no ATL pass unless you were born here in hospitals such as my Grady babyz or like myself a Georgia Baptist baby which has now become Atlanta Medical. Simply put, you may know a little sum about the city but best believe it still and always will belong 2 us OG Atlienz….

Is it really “Love”?

It’s funny how we meet people and they become apart of our lives once a connection is made. But as soon as the bond or relationship goes bad, we begin to wonder if this person truly loves us or not. Love really comes in the most mysterious ways. This is why homophobia is absolutely ignorant and absurd. There is no way humanly possible to control who you will fall in love with in this lifetime. Mother Nature has a way of choosing who is best for us at a particular time in our lives. We determine if these people stay or leave or circumstances make this decision. Either way everything turns out for our greater good. But as these changes happen, the question we always end up asking ourselves is, “Is this really Love”?


Ladies & Gentlemen i will be making Herstory @ 7pm tonite in #ATL. This is going to be epic “Showtime At The Apollo” makes its way for the very first show tonite in the South in none other than the city i am born n raised in Atlanta Ga. My my my how things have changed for us in the south. I can remember watching the Apollo show at home live from New York city. When Sandman use to run u off the stage while the alarm sounds and he performs in the process of the artists exiting the stage. So beautiful to see this Historical event happen in the South finally… See u there 

Hustle = Success & sum

It’s a well known fact that without any hustle or ambition, achieving goals are difficult, if not impossible. With sucesss comes haters & haterettes, and possibly your business in the public eye. With all the talk about Tip aka T.I. & his wife Tiny having marital issues in the media & Beyonce and Jay Z’s life broadcasted around the world it makes one think twice & a third time about celebrity life. I for one have always considered myself to be a Starr but am not willing to go to the extreme of embarrising relatives & exposing their lives so that i may obtain wealth & prosperity… We all have a path to choose. Choose wisely…

Lgbt…. Are you born this way or did you learn this behavior?

First off I would like to say that i am a proud Black same sex so called”Lesbian”. And when i hear foolish ignorant comments about sexuality I feel as though it has to be challenged. The answer is yes I was born like this. No it was not learned from my childhood. My mother was very heterosexual and when she found out about me, she did not like it at first but because of the love she had for me as her child first and foremost she grew to accept me.Such ignorant theories must be put to rest. Some think that due to molestation or heartbreak you become apart of the community or that it is not natural to love the same sex but you are wrong. It is a proven fact that their are nature things such as plants, insects, and animals that are same sex. The reality is that love is love. So let love do what it does…

The separation of Blacks & Whites

Oh man, what a touchy subject this one is. As a educated Herstory follower I have many views on this topic. All due respect to my Ankhcestors/Ancestors I am and represent A Black Woman first. No if, and, or but’s about it but I do realize the meaning behind the word unity. Does this meaning only benefit when our people can advance or when your people can advance? And on a final note I am in support 100% of reperations.

Yall ready for Real Hip Hop to Return?

If you are an 80z baby like myself, then im sure u understand the term “Real Hip Hop”. This phrase is not to be taken lightly. Just ask sum NY katz or sum Soul Skoo katz who love sum Goodie Mob and Outkast. Uh yea those days rite there. But we see sum of it in Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Wale. Hopefully the next buncha people to grace the scene will give us more of what we looking for. Ladyz of hip hop the show begins with you. Where you at?